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‘We are not afraid’: anti-junta groups rail against Myanmar executions

Guardian, 26 July 2022 On Monday night at 8pm, the familiar, defiant sound of clashing pots and pans returned to the streets of Yangon. In the aftermath of last year’s coup, the same din was heard nightly as people demanded the return of democracy – until the military launched brutal crackdowns against any such acts […]

‘People were going crazy’: Myanmar detainees recount military’s cruelty

Guardian, 31 March 2021 Freed protesters and a journalist detained by the junta describe beatings and squalid conditions Released from detention in Myanmar, protesters and journalists have described beatings, squalid conditions and cruelty under the military dictatorship that is opposed by most of the population. Hnin, 23, was arrested along with 400 other young people in […]

Fear turns to fury in Myanmar as children shot by military

Guardian, 28 March 2021 From soldiers randomly shooting passersby in the street to imminent economic collapse, anxieties have been plentiful in Myanmar since its military seized power on 1 February. But unease was surging ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday when the military was expected to meet protesters with a brutal crackdown. These expectations were more […]

Reporting from Myanmar: ‘The future has never been darker’

Guardian, 15 March 2021 Two journalists reflect on the danger, fear and uncertainty that now characterise life in the country – and the risks people are taking to access information ‘It is strange to write about joy amid the daily killings’ It started with people nervously waiting outside a KFC for the first brave activists […]

Myanmar’s besieged resistance dreams of ‘people’s army’ to counter junta

Guardian, 20 March 2021 On the barricades and in border hideouts there is a growing mood to take the fight to the military after the coup that has left more than 200 dead. As an adolescent, Aung, 27, wanted to enlist in the Myanmar military until his family spelt out the horrors of the institution. Now, he […]

Myanmar coup: witnesses describe killing of protesters as unrest continues

Guardian, 21 February 2021 Witnesses have described the moment Myanmar’s security forces opened fire on protesters, killing two people, as tens of thousands of people took to the streets again on Sunday in defiance of the military. A young man and a teenage boy are believed to have been killed in Mandalay on Saturday when […]

‘They want division’: on patrol with Myanmar’s civilian night watch

Guardian, 15 February 2021 Since the coup, people in Yangon have been patrolling the streets to protect neighbours from overnight military raids and criminals by Lorcan Lovett Sitting next to a makeshift barricade of bamboo and recycled metal, Aung Than, 30, a tour operator, says he is ready to die for his street. “A life on […]

‘I did what I thought was right’: a Myanmar protester voices her fears for the future

Guardian, 12 February 2021 In previous years on Union Day – the Myanmar public holiday marking the agreement between ethnic leaders on 12 February 1947 to forge a unified country – Khin* had worn her traditional htamein, a snug maxiskirt. But since it would prevent her from running away if the police opened fire, this year she opted […]

‘We all know what we’re facing’: divided Myanmar unites against coup

Guardian, 10 February 2021 The Myanmar military took power last week on the promise of “restoring eternal peace” to a country riven by seven decades of ethnic conflict. Since the takeover it has made remarkable progress in uniting the deeply divided country against a common enemy: itself. In Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon, strangers greet each other with […]