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Gay Tourism Soars in Vietnam

(AsiaLIFE, March 2016) Since Vietnam abolished a ban on gay marriage in 2015, there has been a rise in LGBT tourists visiting the country. But are there any more incentives on the way? By Lorcan Lovett. Photo by Vinh Dao. As a gay Hanoian, 33-year-old Nguyen Anh Tuan noticed an increase in LGBT visitors to Vietnam over […]

Serving up Success

(AsiaLIFE, February 2016) A charity in Hoi An gives some of the poorest youngsters in Vietnam the skills they need for high-flying careers in the hospitality sector. With a new base in Saigon on the cards, Lorcan Lovett talks to its founder, Neal Bermas, about the inspiring work at STREETS International. Lifelong traveller and hotel consultant […]

Betrayal, torture and survival: the tale of a Viet Cong prisoner

(AsiaLIFE, December 2015) Viet Cong fighter Be Tu came of age in barbaric conditions after being captured in 1968. Now a grandmother, she tells Lorcan Lovett her incredible tale of resilience and determination. Photo by Vinh Dao. At an age when young women are finding their place in the world and realising their potential, Be Tu […]

Warming up to Uncle Sam

(AsiaLIFE cover, November 2015) Twenty years ago the US and Vietnam agreed to normalise relations. Lorcan Lovett looks at the extraordinary partnership formed by the two countries since then. Photos by Vinh Dao. There was a time when former US Marine Reginald Carnes, 66, and former Viet Cong fighter Be Tu, 67, were sworn enemies. Both […]

Tinder: Unrequited Lies in Vietnam

(AsiaLIFE, October 2015) The world of dating apps is swamped with dodgy pictures and outrageous claims, so an unfortunate self-summary can be a deal-breaker. Lorcan Lovett talks with daters to see what attracts and what alienates. Photos by Vinh Dao. The pictures are looking good. There’s one next to a motorbike in the jungle – […]

On The Frontiers of Comedy

(AsiaLIFE cover, September 2015) Vietnam has plenty of humour, but stand-up comedy is yet to take off. Lorcan Lovett meets the handful of brave comics hoping to popularise the art and spread the chuckles. “You are at an amateur comedy show: it’s going to be terrible,” Steve Jackson, 32, half jokes to a couple, before […]

Men Under The Knife in Vietnam

(AsiaLIFE, August 2015) A surge in plastic surgery in Vietnam over the past decade has not been exclusive to women. Lorcan Lovett finds out why men are going under the knife and what they’re getting done. A teenager plunged a photograph of a Korean pop star in the face of a plastic surgeon not so […]

Second World War veteran talks about bombing Europe and a meeting with King George VI

(, Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Buckinghamshire Examiner, October, 2014.) Del Boy and Rodney often groaned at the sound of Uncle Albert’s ‘during the war’ anecdotes but you could not help feeling their interests were piqued. There were many more Uncle Alberts around in the heyday of Only Fools and Horses who could tell tales of extraordinary […]

Polish camps of England: A childhood in the woods

A look at the childhood of Krystyna, who was brought up in one of the many Polish communities living in exile after the Second World War

A day with UKIP leader Nigel Farage

( Video at and print in Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Buckinghamshire Examiner, January 14, 2014)  It could have been a celebrity pulling up in that Land Rover. Maybe a city broker, or even a politician. In fact it was all of those things – Nigel Farage. Emerging from the vehicle, the UKIP leader wore a hardened […]