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Bradt Travel Guide co-founder shares her globetrotting adventures

(getbucks.co.uk, Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Buckinghamshire Examiner, 2014) Travel writing – the two words spark images of adventure and romance. So it is fitting to imagine a travel writing series beginning, say, with an intrepid couple tapping on a borrowed typewriter as they float on a barge down an Amazon tributary. This was the case for Hilary […]

Second World War veteran talks about bombing Europe and a meeting with King George VI

(getbucks.co.uk, Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Buckinghamshire Examiner, October, 2014.) Del Boy and Rodney often groaned at the sound of Uncle Albert’s ‘during the war’ anecdotes but you could not help feeling their interests were piqued. There were many more Uncle Alberts around in the heyday of Only Fools and Horses who could tell tales of extraordinary […]

Polish camps of England: A childhood in the woods

A look at the childhood of Krystyna, who was brought up in one of the many Polish communities living in exile after the Second World War

A day with UKIP leader Nigel Farage

( Video at http://www.getbucks.co.uk and print in Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Buckinghamshire Examiner, January 14, 2014)  It could have been a celebrity pulling up in that Land Rover. Maybe a city broker, or even a politician. In fact it was all of those things – Nigel Farage. Emerging from the vehicle, the UKIP leader wore a hardened […]