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Defections from Myanmar military slow as generals tighten grip

Al Jazeera, 7 March 2023 Mizoram, India – Aung Pyae paces outside the hillside clinic on India’s remote border with Myanmar. The crackle of gunfire between his former comrades in the military and pro-democracy fighters a few hundred metres away in his homeland has eased, and all Aung Pyae can hear now are the moans of […]

Inside the rebel-held jungle camp concealed from Myanmar’s junta

The Telegraph, 10 October 2022 It was a long month. As Htay Mo trekked through rivers and across mountains thick with jungle, sleeping rough and relying on handouts, the word of a haven kept her going. The 26-year-old – who navigated landmines, snakes and soldiers as she carried her disabled son to safety – was […]