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New Money and Richard Branson

(AsiaLIFE, October 2015) Sir Richard Branson’s motivational talk in Saigon brought together an army of young, Vietnamese businesspeople. Lorcan Lovett attends the conference to meet the city’s future tycoons. About 7000 budding entrepreneurs gave a fanatical welcome to Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson at the finale of Saigon’s biggest motivational conference in last month (September 2015). MOVE Vietnam […]

Tinder: Unrequited Lies in Vietnam

(AsiaLIFE, October 2015) The world of dating apps is swamped with dodgy pictures and outrageous claims, so an unfortunate self-summary can be a deal-breaker. Lorcan Lovett talks with daters to see what attracts and what alienates. Photos by Vinh Dao. The pictures are looking good. There’s one next to a motorbike in the jungle – […]

On The Frontiers of Comedy

(AsiaLIFE cover, September 2015) Vietnam has plenty of humour, but stand-up comedy is yet to take off. Lorcan Lovett meets the handful of brave comics hoping to popularise the art and spread the chuckles. “You are at an amateur comedy show: it’s going to be terrible,” Steve Jackson, 32, half jokes to a couple, before […]

Saigon’s hidden resistance

(Oi Vietnam, July 2015) Pho Binh, or Peace Soup, is a modest restaurant churning out pho bo, Vietnam’s traditional beef noodle soup, just like hundreds of others in Ho Chi Minh City. However, hungry customers who venture to the second floor of the three-storey house will witness the room where men and women debated, planned […]

A Walt Disney fantasia of the East

(Oi Vietnam, June 2015.) It’s minutes before noon when a flurry of arrivals stir people from the blistering heat. Monks draped in flowing white robes, along with nuns and priests, stride across the baked asphalt to the airy relief of a vast temple in southwestern Vietnam. Visitors slip off their shoes and enter through a […]